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What type of financial adviser do I need?

type of adviser

type of adviser

New York - All investors have different needs. If you are a do-it-yourself investor perhaps you only need a financial plan or portfolio review to ensure that you are on the right track.  Of course, as your investments grow in size and complexity, some investor prefer and benefit from the comfort and expertise of professional advice.

General asset allocation models are offered by many mutual fund and brokerage companies for free. They provide various workbooks and software tools to help individual investors figure out how much of their assets should be in stocks, bonds, or money market funds. Remember, although the advice given is useful, it is a cookie-cutter approach based upon pre-defined formula so you won't get the personal attention of a professional adviser.

Professional advice may be suitable for persons who want to avoid risk or to obtain a second opinion on their investments. This allows investors to ensure their investment portfolio is consistent with their overall objectives and goals.

Investors whose portfolios have increased substantially or who just want the benefits and expertise of professional advice, should consider hiring a financial adviser for day to day portfolio management.

If you have a particular complex financial situation, or have substantial net-worth, consider obtaining a comprehensive financial plan. These plans may include investment analysis, trust and estate planning, college planning as well as legacy wealth transfer planning.

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