About Us

100% Independent & 100% Objective

The Independent Adviser Corporation was established in 1998 and since then, has helped literally thousands of individuals, families and businesses. 

  • We are 100% Independent & 100% Objective
  • We publish FREE investment research and educational resources
  • We offer FREE consultations to anyone with no strings attached
  • We operate 1800ADVISER.COM - America's Favorite FEE-ONLY network
  • We don't charge commissions or sell proprietary investment products

We operate a family of FEE-ONLY web sites including:






The 529Adviser.com





and more on the way!

All of these web sites provide trusted independent buyside research and educational materials and allow you to easily connect with FEE-ONLY financial planners, money managers, CPA's and attorneys from the comfort of your own home. Individuals can take advantage of FREE consultations and browse the only toll-free online directory for FEE-ONLY professionals in the United States at 1800ADVISER.COM

Our network which includes financial advisers, financial planners, CPAs and attorneys, who provide expert FEE-ONLY services including:

  • Financial planning
  • Investment portfolio management
  • 401k, IRA & ROTH IRA advice
  • College savings advice
  • Retirement planning
  • Social Security planning
  • Disability planning
  • Medicare planning
  • Tax returns & tax planning
  • Divorce counseling
  • Legal services including preparation of wills, trusts and estate plans

You Don't Need to be Rich to Hire a Financial Adviser. Just Smart™

The Independent Adviser Corporation is 100% virtual but maintains its headquarters in Huntington, New York.

If you have never worked with a FEE-ONLY financial adviser before or looking for a second opinion, we can help you.  Simply Click Here to connect with a FEE-ONLY professional adviser. Alternatively, visit 1800ADVISER.COM to browse biographies of individual advisers and choose one or more to connect with.