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Are there any sites that offer technical analysis?

technical anaylisis

technical anaylisis

New York - Yes. There are several products available for technical analysis on the Internet. Some of the web sites offer online access and information while others discuss their software products. Below are some of the most well-known sites.

  • - This site is our personal favorite because of the customization and the fact that it is free.
  • - This sites is maintained by Equis International the maker of Metastock. Metastock is a CD-ROM application that offers sophisticated technical analysis including price and trading history on thousand of stocks.
  • - This site, which offers technical analysis including moving averages, price oscillators and a stochastic ratio. The site also offers industry performance rankings and delayed stock quotes.
  • - This site is maintained by Telescan Inc, the maker of Telescan Analyzer. Telescan Analyzer offers a database of thousands of stocks and offers insider-trading information, option volume and a screening ability.
  • - This site is maintained by the maker of Window on Wall Street. The site offers some understanding of technical analysis and definitions.
  • - This site is maintained is by Omega Research which offers information about SuperCharts, a CD-ROM based technical software program.

After we find a company, we prefer to time the purchase based on some review of technical analysis.


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