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Can I work while collecting social security?

can I work

can I work

New York - If you work while collecting social security, you generate income that is referred to as earned income.

The rules on income limitations while receiving Social Security benefits state that if you are between the ages of 62 and 64, you may earn $9,120 in 1998 without losing any benefits. If you earn beyond that amount, you will lose $1 for every $2 above the limit. So, if you were age 63, receiving Social Security benefits, and earned $9,500 this year, you would lose $190 ($9,500 - $9,120 = $380/2 = $190).

If you are between ages 65 and 69, the limitation for 1998 is $14,500. Earnings exceeding that amount result in a loss of $1 for $3 above the limit. If we assume you earned $16,000, you would lose $500 ($16,000 - $14,500 = $1,500/3 = $500).

At age 70 you may earn whatever you wish without fear of losing any of your benefits.

You can receive social security at age 62. You could receive benefits at age 60 if you are a widow (er) or as early as age 50 if you are a disabled widow (er).

If you are collecting social security and need to earn more income and are not sure how you can do it, an independent Fee-Only financial adviser can help you get started.


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