Financial Planning and our network of independent FEE-ONLY Financial Advisers recognizes that every individual has unique circumstances and objectives. There is simply no substitute for professional and personal advice from a FEE-ONLY adviser in our network. 

financial planning

When you work our network of independent FEE-ONLY financial advisers, almost all of whom are CPA's or CFP's, they will personally guide you through the financial planning process.

Your FEE-ONLY financial adviser will customize the planning process to your exact need and sophistication. Their objective and candor approach will provide you with a refreshing viewpoint.  Comphrhensive financial planning can cover a wide range of topics including, retirement planning, college savings, house buying, social security optimization, Medicare advice, estate planning, wills and trust. 

As part of this service, your Financial Adviser will help you with clear, concise answers to your questions including the following:

  • Can I retire and maintain my current lifestyle?
  • Have I saved enough for my retirement? If not, how much more do I need to save?
  • Can I buy a second home or vacation house? 
  • How long will my retirement savings last?
  • What taxes will my estate pay?
  • Should you transfer your money to a ROTH IRA or a regular IRA?
  • What investments to buy, sell and hold.
  • When should I start taking Social Security Benefits? 
  • What are my options for Medicare coverage?
  • Do I need a will or a trust? 
  • How can I plan for long-term care?
  • What is the way to minimize estate taxes?

Comprehensive financial planning can include developing a personal financial model, including an ideal retirement living expense projection to determine your income needs. Estate and income tax rules are considered to verify how best to withdraw funds from your various accounts. Finally, beneficiary designations and trusts are considered to protect the accounts from high taxation. 

Each of our professionals maintains their own pricing structure but typically fees for compressive financial planning are based on the complexity of your own personal situation can range from $1,00 to $2,500.  Many FEE-ONLY financial advisers will give you a full-credit for this fee if you decide to continue with full-time money management

If you have never worked with a FEE-ONLY financial adviser before or looking for a second opinion, we can help you.  Simply Click Here to Schedule a FREE Consultation. Alternatively, visit 1800ADVISER.COM to browse biographies of individual advisers and choose one or more to connect with.