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How much do I really need to retire?

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how much

New York - Now is the time to finalize your retirement plans. Questions such as will you work part-time and will you move will impact not only your investment decisions but your life. Here are some good points to follow.

  • Check Safety Net - Be sure you have an adequate amount of liquid funds for emergencies

  • Review Insurance Coverage - Ensure that you have disability insurance and adequate health insurance. The importance of adequate insurance can not be underestimated.

  • Finalize Work Plans - Start to consider whether or not you want to work part-time or what your retirement goals are. You may want to increase your savings rate to as much as 30 to 40% of your income should you be behind your plan.

  • Review Benefits - If offered an early retirement package - ensure that you have planned properly and have contingencies should your plan be low.

  • Consider your Health - Depending on your own individual health, you may live 20 or 30 years after you retire. You may want to continue to invest in growth-based investments even as you begin withdrawals from retirement accounts.

  • Review Risk Tolerance Levels - You may want to pursue a more conservative strategy. Your investments should be income or dividend orientated. This strategy provides income without the volatility normally found in equity investments.

Although each individual should plan for their own specific goals and their own circumstances, we have developed the following investment asset allocations for your consideration based on sample risk profiles:

Lower Risk

Medium Risk

Higher Risk

Remember, it is important to understand your overall financial profile and your risk tolerance levels before you begin an actual investment program. An independent Fee-Only financial adviser can help you determine the appropriate amount of investments by creating a comprehensive financial plan.


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