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How can I buy treasuries with no commissions?

no commissions

no commissions

New York - Treasury bills, notes or bonds can be purchased commission free via the Federal Government's Treasury Direct System.

The Treasury Direct System allows individuals to bypass their stock brokers and local banks and purchase directly from the Federal Government. First time individuals need to contact the Treasury directly and fill out a form and advance a certified check; however, the Treasury allows repeat customers to use automatic electronic debits directly with your bank account on the date the security is issued.

Maturing securities can be reinvested by calling a touch-tone phone number of 1-800-943-6864. If you want to sell a security before it matures - you will pay a small fee that is automatically subtracted from the sale price of the security.

You can obtain complete information as well as forms to sign up directly from the Treasury Department by writing to them at 200 Third Street, Parkersburg, WV, 26106 or through their world wide web site.

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