How Can I Buy Treasuries with No Commissions?

Investing in U.S. Treasury securities is a favored strategy for those seeking safe investment options, as these instruments are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. One of the most attractive features of buying Treasury securities is the ability to purchase them without any commissions, which offers both savings and simplicity for investors. Here’s a guide on how you can buy treasuries directly and avoid commission fees.

Direct Purchases Through Treasury Direct

The most direct way to purchase Treasury securities without commissions is through Treasury Direct, a platform operated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This online system allows individual investors to directly buy and manage their Treasury securities from the U.S. government.

To start, investors need to create an account on, where they will be asked to provide personal information, including their Social Security number, email address, and banking details for linking a bank account. Once the account is set up, investors can log in and purchase various types of Treasury securities, including Treasury bills (T-Bills), notes (T-Notes), bonds (T-Bonds), and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). Purchases can be made through non-competitive bidding, where the investor accepts whatever yield is determined at auction, or through competitive bidding, where they specify the yield they are willing to accept.

Benefits of Using Treasury Direct

Using Treasury Direct eliminates brokerage fees or commissions typically associated with buying securities through a bank or broker. Investors hold these securities directly, not through a third party, adding a layer of security and simplicity in management. The platform is accessible 24/7, allowing investors to manage their investments online at any time. Maturing securities can be reinvested by calling a touch-tone phone number of 1-800-943-6864. If you want to sell a security before it matures – you will pay a small fee that is automatically subtracted from the sale price of the security

Considerations When Using TreasuryDirect

While purchasing securities is straightforward, selling them before maturity in can be less convenient than doing so through a brokerage. If you need to sell your securities before they mature, transferring them to a bank or broker might be necessary, which could involve fees.

Additionally, there may be a learning curve for those unfamiliar with Treasury auctions or the specifics of different types of Treasury securities. Managing an online account also requires basic computer skills and internet access, which might be a barrier for some users.


Purchasing U.S. Treasury securities through is an excellent way for investors to incorporate a safe, government-backed instrument into their portfolios without incurring commission costs. This platform not only makes the investment process cost-effective but also straightforward and directly controlled by the investor. As with any investment decision, understanding how Treasuries fit into your broader investment strategy is crucial, as is a clear grasp of how they work before making a commitment. Whether you are new to investing or looking to diversify your portfolio, TreasuryDirect provides a valuable resource for buying and managing U.S. government securities efficiently.

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