Our Great Privacy Policy - California Disclosures

Last Modified November 7, 2023


The Independent Adviser Corporation is committed to your privacy. The disclosures on this page are intended to assist California customers but they apply equally to every geographic as we provide a single service of our web sites. 

California Privacy Rights  

California consumers have a right to knowledge, access, correction, and deletion of their personal information under the California Consumer Privacy Act. California consumers also have a right to opt out of the sale or sharing of their personal information by a business, and a right not to be discriminated against for exercising their California privacy rights. We do not sell or share the personal information of California consumers, as those terms are defined under California law, and do not discriminate in response to privacy rights requests. We also do not use or disclose sensitive personal information for any purposes that would require a user to exercise a right to limit according to California law. 

We provide notice of our privacy practices in our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy includes what personal information is collected, the source of the personal information, and the purposes of use, as well as whether we disclose that personal information and if so, the categories of third parties to whom it is disclosed. To view a copy of the latest versions of the service-specific privacy notices and the California-specific disclosures, visit the California Privacy Framework Disclosure page.

Opting Out of Cookies and Deemed "Sale/Sharing" Using Online Tracking Technologies

Certain of our service providers do use cookies and those cookies may be stored on your device when you visit anyone of our websites. To the extent these online tracking technologies are deemed to be a "sale" or "sharing" of data we provide an ability for you to Opt-Out.  Our service providers are: 

  • Google - We use Google Analytics to analyze the use of our web sites. Google gathers information about our web sites by means of cookies. Google's privacy policy is available at https://www.Google.com/policies/privacy/.
  • HubSpot - We use Hubspot to report on and manage website activity. Hubspot uses cookies for tracking activity across our sites.  Hubspot's privacy policy is available at https://legal.hubspot.com/privacy-policy/.
  • Facebook - We use Facebook for group pages, our business profile page and to help connect individuals, families and businesses with Fee-Only professionals. Facebook's privacy policy is available at https://facebook.com/privacy/policy.
  • LinkedIn - We use LinkedIn for our group pages, our business and website profile pages and to help connect individuals, families and businesses with Fee-Only professionals. LinkedIn's privacy policy is available at https://LinkedIn.com/Legal/privacy-policy.
  • Brilliant Directories - We use Brilliant Directories to help connect individuals, families and businesses with Fee-Only professionals and to maintain information about members of our professional network.  Brilliant Directories privacy policy is available at https://www.brilliantdirectories.com/online-directory-script-privacy-policy.

Opt-Out Preference Signals, such as the Global Privacy Control (GPC) and Do Not Track ("DNT") options are privacy preferences that users can set in certain third-party web browsers. You can download at the GPC web site at https://globalprivacycontrols.org/orgs.  We do not currently recognize GPC or DNT signals, however, if you prefer that we not use cookies, we provide you with the means to disable their use. If you want to disable cookies and you’re using the Safari web browser, choose “Block all cookies” in Safari’s privacy settings. If you are using the Chrome browser, choose "Privacy and security, click Site settings, Click Cookies and site data and thereafter, you can choose to 'Turn Off Cookies." If you are using a different browser, check with your provider to find out how to disable cookies. Google also offers an Opt-Out Browser Add-On that can provide you the ability to prevent your data from be used by Google Analytic. Certain features of our websites may not be available if all cookies are disabled.

You may also take other steps to op-out of some advertising programs that may use your information. This includes the Digital Advertising Alliance Opt-Out Page, the Network Advertising Initiatives Web site and YourAdChoices.com. You can contact us at by completing this Privacy Related Concern Form.
Notice for Minors    

We offer website services that allow you to post content to share publicly or with friends. At any time, you can delete or remove content you have posted by using the deletion or removal options within our services. If you have questions about how to remove content in a specific service or if you would like additional assistance with deletion, you can contact our privacy team directly via this Privacy Related Concern Form. Although we offer deletion capability for our services, the removal of content may not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of that content or information posted through the services.


Although we do disclose personal information to third parties for our business and legal purposes, we do not believe that we sell or share personal information as such terms are defined by the CCPA or CPRA. Because we do not sell or share personal information, we believe are under no legal obligation to accept requests under the CCPA/CPRA that we do not sell or share a consumer's personal information.  Additionally, please note that certain types of personal information collected or maintained by a covered business are exempt from the CCPA/CPRA. For example, a covered business has limited obligations, or in some cases, no obligations, with regard to personal information collected, processed, sold, or disclosed pursuant to the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (Public Law 106-102) and implementing regulations, or pursuant to the California Financial Information Privacy Act (Division 1.4 [commencing with Section 4050] of the California Financial Code).

Furthermore, under the CPRA, there are a number of situations where a covered business under the CPRA may refuse to honor a CPRA request to delete a consumer’s personal information and is allowed to continue to maintain the personal information. Some examples include situations where retention of the personal information is reasonably necessary to:

  • Complete the transaction for which the personal information was collected, provide a good or service requested by the consumer or reasonably anticipated within the context of the covered business’s ongoing business relationship with the consumer, or otherwise perform a contract between us and the consumer.
  • Help to ensure security and integrity to the extent the use of the personal information is reasonably necessary and proportionate for those purposes.
  • Debugging to identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality.
  • Exercise free speech, ensure the right of another consumer to exercise that consumer’s right of free speech, or exercise another right provided by law.
  • To enable solely internal uses that are reasonably aligned with consumer expectations based on the consumer's relationship with the business and compatible with the context in which the consumer provided the information.
  • Comply with a legal obligation.
California Privacy Rights Reporting 

Requests for Access to Personal Information from US users between January 1 and December 31, 2022

  • Requests Submitted - 0
  • Requests Completed in Whole or in Part - 0 (*)
  •  Average Days to Respond - Not Applicable 

Requests to Delete Personal Information from US users between January 1 and December 31, 2022

  • Requests Submitted - 0
  • Requests Completed in Whole or in Part - 0 (*)
  •  Average Days to Respond - Not Applicable 

Requests for Categories of Personal Information from US users between January 1 and December 31, 2022

  • Requests Submitted - 0
  • Requests Completed in Whole or in Part - 0 (*)
  •  Average Days to Respond - Not Applicable

(*) Requests may be unable to be completed due to factors such as an inability to verify a user's control of an account from which a request is made

Exercising Your Privacy Rights and Your Privacy Questions 

If you wish to exercise your privacy rights or have questions about our Privacy Policy or privacy practices including where a third-party service provider is acting on our behalf, or you wish to submit a complaint, you can contact us at by completing this Privacy Related Concern Form. You can also write to us at:

Attention: Privacy Control Officer, The Independent Adviser Corporation, 482. W. Main Street, Huntington, NY, 11743.

We take your privacy questions seriously. We will review your inquiry to determine how best to respond to your question or concern. In most cases, all substantive contacts receive a response within seven days. In other cases, we may require additional information or let you know that we need more time to respond. Where your complaint indicates an improvement could be made in our handling of privacy issues, we will take steps to make such an update at the next reasonable opportunity. In the event that a privacy issue has resulted in a negative impact on you or another person, we will take steps to address that with you or that other person. You may at any time — including if you are not satisfied with our response — refer your complaint to the applicable regulator. 

When there is a material change to this Privacy Policy, we’ll post a notice on this website at least a week in advance of doing so and contact you directly about the change if we have your data on file.