What is your investment performance?

Our track record in regards to our buy-side research may be found by reviewing our Annual Top Ten Stock Picks and information contained in The-Adviser.com Alert, our weekly newsletter. This information is available for free by clicking here. A list of our current research is available by clicking here

What is your success with clients like me and can I receive personal references?

All investment strategies have their short-term ups and downs and are based on the level of risk tolerance and asset allocation of each individual. We believe that your success should be measured not based on your portfolio return but rather how well your own personal financial goals are met by your Financial Adviser. 

Upon request, your Financial Adviser should provide you with similar clients that may be helpful in determining how successful they will be. If you would like to receive personal references, please provide us a description of your background, your personal situation and your goals. Upon receipt, we will forward this request to an independent Fee-Only Financial Advisers located in your area who will provide you with personal references that are most appropriate to your situation. 

Individual managed accounts are managed for individuals and are not like mutual funds. As such, there are specific rules that prohibit testimonial use. Specifically, Rule 206(4) -1 under the SEC's Investment Advisors Act prohibits use or referring to testimonials including any statement of an individual client's experience or endorsement. Economic or market conditions can adversely impact financial results, dividends, interest and other earnings.